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Test jigs Intech

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Test jigs Intech


What is a test jig?


Test jigs are used to evaluate the accuracy of products during machining and assembly.

Reputable entity of jig designing and machining

  • Intech Precision Mechanical pioneers in designing and manufacturing test JIGs, measuring jigs for the dimensional and quality test of products in assembly lines of mechanical products, automobiles and motorcycles, electronics with high precision, optimized according to customer requirements.
  • We are proud to have many years of experience in providing automated testing solutions, measuring lines for mechanical parts, machine parts with JIG system, high-precision, multi-functional and efficient jigs. 

Structure of the test jigs


There are many types of test jigs depending on the purpose of use, for example: dimensional test jigs, profile test jigs, surface quality test jigs, part defect test jigs of assembly process, etc., but all types of test jigs have the following basic structures:
1. Jig body
2. Positioning mechanism
3. Clamping mechanism
4. Measuring and checking structure
5. Other sub-structures.


Roles of the test jigs
  • Test jigs help determine product parameters to compare with output standards and customer requirements. Test jigsare designed and engineered with the ultimate solution for precise and clear results from measurements.
  • Helping the inspection department quickly determine whether the product meets the requirements or not.
  • The test process takes place with high accuracy and productivity to help reduce product costs and improve competitiveness for businesses.

Advantages of test jigs:

  • Intech Precision Mechanical is an entity with many years of experience in designing and manufacturing test jigs in Vietnam. Test jigs can be used singly or integrated into automated testers and meters in test lines.
  • Our jig designs are always simulated and optimized on 3D software before being put into actual production, in order to simplify the design, easy to use for the operator but still ensure the accuracy during work.
  • We specialize in providing various types of test jigs for automatic machines and lines. Jigs for flatness test, coaxiality test, concentricity test, friction test, fatigue test, static load test, dynamic load test for electric motorcycle and car frames,...

Outstanding features of test jigs of Intech Precision Mechanical:

  • Achieving high accuracy, reliable measurement results. The geometrical and technical parameters of the jigs are built by us based on the input and output requirements of the customer. Sensors, transducers, meters, cylinders... are all branded products from Europe and Japan (can be customized according to customer's needs and investment level).
  • It is possible to install and disassemble the products before and after the test easily, quickly and flexibly for each type of product to be tested (easy to change the jigs with the jigs used for checking the different product models). Our test jigs will greatly reduce the measurement cycle of the QC process, resulting in higher productivity and reduced labor costs.
  • Having sufficient rigidity, ensuring the requirements of clamping force, the reactions generated during measurement and testing.
  • Providing customers with optimal and modern test automation solutions. By a combination of components: jigs, workpiece supply stations, robot arms, measuring head assemblies, display screens, control chips, calculating and providing output values, giving results in afew seconds.
  • Customers who have demand for designing and machining CNC, jigs, test jigs... Please contact us immediately for the best service!

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