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Plastic injection mold

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Plastic injection mold


1. Định nghĩa.

Khuôn ép nhựa (KEN) là dụng cụ dùng để tạo hình sản phẩm nhựa, được thiết kế dựa theo yêu cầu. Bao gồm một cụm chi tiết có nhiều chi tiết ghép lại với nhau, nhựa sẽ được phun vào đó, rồi làm nguội tạo ra thành phẩm.

The size and shape of the product will determine the size and texture of the mold. In the product manufacturing process, mold design is very important, for small production requirements, there is no need for multi-cavity molds or molds with complex and high-class structures.

Định nghĩa khuôn mẫu nhựa

In terms of function, a plastic injection mold is a tool used to shape a plastic product to the desired size, design and quality. Each mold pattern will create a unique plastic product, meeting the use for a certain number of cycles. Definition according to the process of use, a plastic injection mold is a product made up of many parts assembled together, whereby the plastic material is melted and injected into the mold cavity to shape, then cooled. then push it out.

2.Main parts of plastic injection mold.

Các bộ phận chính của khuôn ép nhựa

Các bộ phận chính của khuôn ép nhựa_1

Structure of the basic plastic injection mold set.

1: Front clamp plate

7: Support plate

13: Pin guide silver

2: Front mold plate

8: Support block

14: Pause

3: Positioning ring

9: Rear clamp plate

15: Silver Expansion

4: Silver spray stem

10: Push pin

16: Support pins

5: Products

11: Holder plate

17: Rear mold plate

6: Locator

12: Push plate

18: Silver guide

Depending on the shape and requirements of the product, we will choose different types of mold structure. Each production unit also follows different mold design directions.

3. Technical requirements of plastic injection mold.


Currently, the production requirements of plastic products require large quantities and high precision, so plastic injection molds need to ensure the following technical requirements:

  • The mold must have a hardness that is suitable for the product and the injection capacity of the injection molding machine to be stable during the production of plastic injection, the mold is not deformed and durable for long time use.
  • Select mold materials that are easy to process and have high wear resistance.
  • The mold has a reasonable structure, optimized design so that it is not too complicated so as to save processing steps and reduce production time and cost.
  • Plastic injection molds need to be accurate in size and shape, and specifications for the plastic product to be extruded as desired.
  • The gloss of the mold is guaranteed for the mold core and the mold cavity to ensure the surface quality of the plastic product.
  • Mold design and machining, accurate assembly of details and parts, ensuring the relative position between the two halves of the mold.
  • The product ends the injection molding cycle, easily ejects from the mold, shortens the injection cycle time, and improves productivity.
  • Plastic injection molds need a cooling system that surrounds the mold cavity with a stable temperature so that the molten plastic is filled and then shaped quickly, thereby shortening the plastic injection cycle and increasing productivity.


4. Classification of plastic injection molds.


There are many types of plastic injection molds, but common ones include 2-plate molds, 3-plate molds and multi-stage molds.

– 2 plate mold

Khuôn 2 tấm

The 2-plate mold is a type of plastic injection mold with the simplest structure and is most commonly produced and used. The 2-plate mold is divided into two plates, the movable mold part and the fixed mold part. The product that comes out of the mold is attached to the glue tail, so it is necessary to have a stage to remove the product. The advantage of this type of mold is that the injection cycle is fast, which saves plastic materials because of the short plastic channel. The production cost of 2-plate mold is also the lowest, suitable for plastic injection molding of simple products.

– 3 plate mold

Khuôn 3 tấm

The 3-plate mold has a complex 3-plate structure. fixed plate, movable plate and glue tail holder plate. For a 3-plate mold, the product and the glue tail are separated without the need for separation. This type of mold needs to be used with plastic products with complex structures that require many nozzles.

– Multi-layer mold

Khuôn nhiều tầng

Multi-stage molds are injection molds because two or more sets of molds are joined together to increase the number of products in each injection molding cycle. Multi-stage plastic injection molds are produced when large quantities of products are required. Each side of the multistage mold will have a push system.

5. Application of plastic injection mold.


Plastic injection molds are commonly used for products with complex shapes and thin walls mainly in fields such as:

  • Product of industry.
  • Household appliances.
  • Consumer goods.
  • Medical products.
  • Cutlery.