Organizational Culture

Corporate culture like the spiritual life of Intech Group has existed and accompanied the company for many years.

Our Intech Group - Is a reputable brand and increasingly asserts its position in the market, and the love and trust of partners and customers. That achievement is achieved thanks to the contribution of all of us, not only through the work results but also through the daily behavior of each employee, creating the beauty of Intech corporate culture. 

Intech people


1. Positive attitude: Optimistic, positive in thought and action;

2. Sharing: Sharing, cooperation, teamwork spirit;

3. Responsibility: Ready and determined to complete the task;

4. Sincerity: Appreciating the collective interests, saying goes hand in hand with action;

5. Humility: Be humble, listen, work openly;

6. Do not gather to chat, make noise that affects everyone's work around;

7. Eager to learn: Advance, cultivate knowledge;

Punctual culture


1. Come to work on time;

2. Attend meetings fully and on time;

3. Keep the appointment, absolutely do not let customers wait;

4. Make an appointment by phone before meeting customers and partners;

5. Deliver goods and products to customers on time;

Go to work on time Go to work on time
Attend meetings fully and on time Don't keep customers waiting

Văn hóa đồng phục

Office wear  Office wear Construction costumes Production clothes

Leadership and staff culture


1. Always motivate and encourage officials and employees in the company to promote their capacity;

2. Always ensure job stability and workers' lives;

3. Ensure the development of remuneration, fairness and transparency regimes;

4. Intech Group employees must be properly evaluated and heard;


Colleague culture


1. Always have a humble, sincere, enthusiastic, cheerful, and simple demeanor. Respect colleagues, respect above, yield below;

2. Have a spirit of solidarity, mutual affection and mutual love, ready to help each other in work as well as in daily life for mutual progress;

3. When assigned to jointly solve a job, they must actively cooperate to successfully complete the assigned work;

4. Do not push the work and avoid responsibility. Do not hate, envy and attract factions that cause internal disunity;

Greeting culture Sharing culture
Exchange culture Working group

Culture in the office


1. Keeping the landscape, the workplace clean, beautiful and civilized;

2. Do not eat snacks or smoke in the office;

3. To well observe the internal rules and regulations at the agency;

4. Conscious of saving electricity;

5. Arrange items and tools neatly and scientifically, do not arbitrarily use other people's personal belongings without consent or permission;

6. Do not gather, chat, make noise that affects the work of everyone around;

7. Ensuring safety, hygiene and fire prevention;

For partners and customers


1. Always have a humble and sincere attitude. Be polite, enthusiastic, cheerful, respectful of partners and customers;

2. Always be serious, work professionally, keep the Company's image in the eyes of Partners and Customers;

3. Solve problems arising from customers quickly and effectively. Do not cause difficulties or troubles for Partners and Customers;

Welcoming culture Receptionist culture
Business card giving culture Professional attitude