Machining JIG

Machining jigs

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Machining jigs


What are machining jigs?


  • Machining jigs are used to determine the position of the workpiece relative to the cutting tool and hold the workpiece in position under the action of the cutting force during machining, which is a necessary technology in the machining process. mechanical engineering, inspection and assembly of mechanical products.
  • Machining jigs – simplifying mechanical processing such as turning, milling, planing, grinding and wire cutting – improving the efficiency of part processing for customers and manufacturers.

Advantages of using jigs in mechanical machining

  • Helping ensure product quality during processing, assembly, and inspection
  • Standard and correct jigs help machined products have more accurate parameters
  • Positioning the part, workpiece, and at the same time keep it in that position throughout the machining process, helping to minimize errors in the machining process.
  • Increasing the efficiency of batch processing
  • Flexibly changing based on products and customer needs
  • Ensuring rigidity and requirements for clamping force, torque, and reaction generated during the machining of main shafts, machine tables, tool heads


Advantages of machining jigs designed and manufactured by Intech Precision Mechanical


Intech Precision Mechanical specializes in designing and manufacturing jigs with high precision, flexibility and efficiency, with a team of highly qualified technicians with many years of experience and constantly learning from countries with developed industries. When using the service of designing jigs for machining at Intech Precision Mechanical, you are completely assured of:

  • High-precision jigs 
  • Free simulation and optimization on 3D software before putting into actual production
  • The most modern machinery and equipment to provide maximum support for the processor
  • Fast processing of large order quantity
  • Delivery to your place, and dedicated warranty

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