Machining JIG

JIG jig is an important auxiliary equipment in the process of mechanical processing, inspection and assembly of mechanical and electronic products ... used to determine the position of the workpiece compared with the cutting tool and hold the workpiece in position. position under the effect of shearing force during machining.
Jig contributes to improve the level of mechanization and automation of precision mechanical production. On the machine tools to cut, must carry out the process of fitting the details. Therefore, jig is an indispensable technology equipment in the machining process on metal cutting machines. Standard jigs are required: good grip and positioning.

Advantages when using jigs:

  • Helps ensure product quality during machining, assembly, and inspection
  • The correct and standard jig enables the machined products to have more precise parameters.
  • Position the part and the workpiece, while maintaining that position throughout the machining process, minimizing machining errors.
  • Increase the efficiency of batch machining.
  • Flexibly change based on products and customer needs.
  • Ensuring firm stiffness and requirements for clamping force, torque, jet generated during cutting from the spindle, machine table, knife head ...