Machine details machining

Machine details are small but very important parts to form a complete modern machine system. The machining of machine details is also developed according to the development of science and technology. Therefore, in order to achieve professional improvements in machining methods, it is necessary to upgrade the technological process of machining details

Machine part machining is the process of cutting the shape of machine parts from raw billets into finished products with precise dimensions and structure. In this process, the surface processing is the most important because it requires meticulousness and the quality of the finished product must be smooth and sustainable.

The same material but with different processes and modes will produce finished products with different surface quality and different usage properties. Surface quality is evaluated according to the criteria of geometrical properties of the surface such as roughness, waveness, error and criteria of physical and mechanical properties of the surface such as hardness, residual stress, and surface layer structure

Applications of machine part machining:

  • Making the machining process of machine parts very easy and give higher productivity
  • Producing products with extremely high accuracy
  • Saving a lot of time and effort compared to traditional machining.
  • The technology of using machines to process metal does not require the worker to have the same high cutting skills as before, but it requires a higher level of knowledge about mechanics, how to operate machines, and cutting tools, requiring a great deal of knowledge.

Machine part machining process:

1. Product design drawings: View and study detailed drawings, learn the intended use and classification of details, technical requirements and technological characteristics of machine parts.
2. Type of production to be carried out: Individual production, batch production, mass production.
3. Selecting the workpieces and the method of making the workpieces: Selecting the appropriate size and method of making the billet.
4. It is necessary to determine the order of steps, operations..., select the mounting diagrams to be placed in each operation and provide methods for processing.
5. Selecting appropriate tools, equipments and mounting brackets because it determines the quality of the products.
6. Determining the processing methods for each stage and steps in the process.
7. Selecting appropriate equipment for necessary stages.
8. Assigning each stage to be performed by workers or technicians.
9. Processing on machines such as CNC,…
10. Checking product quality when finished.

Reputable company of machine detail processing:

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