Laser cutting machining

Currently, in the world, the demand for laser cutting is quite popular, and the laser cutting system has replaced most of the manual cutting methods. The laser cutting machine system can be processed on materials such as stainless steel, steel, aluminum, etc. In particular, it is widely used in the sheet metal processing industry.


Advantages of laser cutting:

  • Increasing machining productivity, fulfilling many orders in a short time.
  • Processing according to customer drawings or images required.
  • Cutting many materials such as: laser cutting stainless steel, laser cutting steel, iron, ...
  • Laser cutting machining can process many highly complex parts. 
  • The machines have a large capacity, so the cutting speed is quite high.
  • Product quality is guaranteed to every detail.

With many outstanding advantages, laser cutting system will be the first choice for sheet metal production facilities. So which business to choose for laser cutting?

Reasons you should choose laser cutting of Intech Mechanical:

  • Laser cutting of Intech Mechanical ensures that the parts are accurately machined with modern equipment.
  • We receive laser cutting of steel, stainless steel, .. according to the requirements of customers in large quantities in a short time.
  • Machining difficult, highly complex parts while ensuring accuracy.
  • With many different types of large and small laser cutting machines, we can process many products such as: stainless steel, steel, sheet metal, ... and many other products.
  • The products when delivered to customers ensure uniformity, no errors, and no damages.
  • A team of highly qualified and experienced engineers will create products according to technical requirements, meeting customer requirements.
  • When processing in large quantities, there will be many outstanding benefits.