Introduction to Intech Mechanical

Intech Mechanical specializes in CNC precision machining on request as a member of Intech Holdings, which specializes in precision mechanical processing, which includes machine part machining, jig machining, CNC turning machining, CNC milling machining, CNC laser cutting machining,...
Intech Mechanical has always received great attention and investment, is a spearhead in the ecosystem of Intech Holdings.

Video introduction to Intech Precision Mechanical

Currently, in Vietnam, there are many small workshops for precision mechanical processing, but the number of companies and factories that meet the standard requirements to process for foreign partners, export or outsourcing for major domestic partners is very few and difficult to find, which is a huge obstacle when many partners want to localize components and details in Vietnam but cannot find a reliable partner and standards.

Intech Precision Mechanical has been a reliable choice of many partners in recent years, we constantly invest in machinery and equipment, improve production, improve quality and professionalism to meet meet the increasing demands of customers.

In the coming time, we hope to receive more support from our customer partners and through our current customers, we also want to receive referrals to partners who are looking for Vietnamese suppliers for jointly building the sustainable development of the supporting industry.

The basic standards of a precision mechanical processing entity:

- Personnel: There must be a team of good, experienced engineers and highly skilled, experienced workers, with a high sense of quality and discipline;
- Machines: There must be modern machines suitable for products to achieve product quality and accuracy;
- Tools and measuring instruments: There must be adequate tools to measure and evaluate the quality of products before being shipped to customers;
- Good and strict quality management system from raw materials, to production stages, to inspection, packaging and delivery;
- A large enough scale to meet the requirements on quantity and delivery schedule;
Those are the basic criteria, there are many other criteria that must be met to become a processing business that meets the requirements of customers;

In Vietnam today, there are many small processing entities which lack professionalism, modern machinery, etc.; so businesses need to link together and change thinking about management, improving quality, ... to meet customer requirements and increase competition in business, the potential for development in the field of precision mechanical processing is still great;


Machining capabilities of Intech Precision Mechanical:

- Factory: With a factory area of over 3000m2.
- Personnel: Personnel in the field of precision mechanical processing: 95 people.
- Processing machinery: Equipped with modern machines from CNC milling machines, CNC lathes to laser cutting machines, for details, please refer to
- Quality management system: ISO 9001:2015.

Products and services of Intech Precision Mechanical:

-  Machine part and machine component machining;
- Jigs machining;
- CNC turning;
- CNC milling;
- CNC Laser cutting;
- CNC press braking;

Materials used for processing: All kinds of steel, stainless steel, plastic, aluminum alloy, …
Main application: Used in the industry of manufacturing and assembling electronic components, automobiles, motorcycles, manufacturing and assembling machines,...