CNC Milling

High quality CNC milling

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High quality CNC milling


What is CNC Milling?


CNC Milling is a machining method with machines that apply computer numerical control technology to automate the CNC milling process.

Entity of high quality CNC milling capacity

Intech Precision Mechanical, a member of Intech Mechanical, has equipped with modern milling machines and successfully applied CNC milling processing technologies to produce high-precision product details and beautiful aesthetics to meet the increasingly demanding market needs.


Advantages of CNC milling products machined by Intech Precision Mechanical

  • Intech Precision Mechanical is an entity with many years of experience in designing and processing CNC milling in Vietnam. We have been a partner of many domestic businesses and FDI businesses in Vietnam, and also exported to foreign partners such as Korea, Japan...
  • Our products are always simulated and optimized on 3D software before being put into actual manufacturing, in order to simplify the design, easy to use for the operator but still ensure the accuracy throughout the work.


Outstanding features of Intech Precision Mechanical’s CNC milling machining products:

  • High accuracy and reliable quality
  • Professional services
  • Competitive prices
  • Guaranteed delivery progress


Customers who have demand for CNC designing and milling... Please contact us immediately for the best service!

Intech Precision Mechanical
Address: Lot 5+6 Lai Xa Industrial Park - Hoai Duc - Hanoi
Hotline/Zalo: 0966.966.205 - 0966.966.231 – 0966.966.132

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