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Engine mounting flange

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  • Date : 24-08-2021 15:58:37

Engine mounting flange


Installing a jig assembly, checking the engine mounting is always very important and affects the future operation of the zig assembly. Therefore, engine mounting flanges that Intech Precision Mechanical introduce to you below have a very important role in the ZIG assembly.

The detail has a round flange structure and has holes in the flange. The technological process for Intech Precision Mechanical to process the above details includes the following 9 basic steps:

Checking the workpiece against design drawings ---> Checking design data, design models on CAD ---> CAM programming (Translate CAD files into code for machining) ---> Installing and operating CNC milling machines to
process details ---> Cooling ---> Surface treatment ---> Inspection ---> Products ---> Packing.

Details made from monolithic S55C steel after processing will be dyed black to ensure the intended use. The sizes of holes, grooves, etc. of the motor mounting flanges are guaranteed to be accurate. When transporting, the product is lined in an air bag for anti-scratch.

With modern and advanced CNC machining machines, we have been producing quality jigsaw machining products. With the motto of satisfying customers by: "Quality products - Professional services - Competitive prices"

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