Core values
At Intech Mechanical, its core values are communicated and understood by all employees, all thoughts and actions are directed towards maintaining and affirming the core values that the company has established.

I. Mission:

1. Affirming and building new higher values of society; 

2. Building happiness and sustainable development of society;

3. Building an organization that is fair, progressive and always recognizes and rewards individual and collective efforts;


II. Business philosophy:

1. Satisfying customers with “Quality Products – Good Services – Competitive Prices”;

2. Always increasing product value to satisfy the needs of customers and society;

3. Following the laws of nature, making constant efforts to build a growing and lasting company on the foundation of individuals, collectives and society developing together;

4. Profit is the means to fulfill the mission and other values of the company;


III. Performance commitments:

1. Working and dedicating with the highest sense of responsibility;

2. Employees and organizations always improve their ability and capacity to jointly build core values;

3. Overall thinking but specific actions;