CNC press and brake machining

What is a CNC press brake machine?

Today, when technology develops, people use CNC press brake machines to bend and fold metal to achieve higher efficiency in production. The CNC press brake machines are controlled and programmed entirely by computer. The CNC press brake machines machining process begins. The press brake machines will exert a great force through the bending knife, also known as the punch, to press down on the surface of the metal plate placed in the die. When the stamping force is down, the shape of the product has angles and curvatures according to the design requirements. The machines used in this process are capable of bending metal easily For this reason, most products of troughs, cabinet covers, electrical boxes and metal components are formed through this process.  

CNC press brake services of Intech Precision Mechanical

CNC press brake machining services of Intech Precision Mechanical  include: metal U, V press braking; table-top press braking; hood press braking... at our factory is a combination of expertise, software capabilities. Our equipments and tools guarantee you cost-effective products and services.
  • Machine details press braking
  • Stainless steel press braking 
  • Metal press braking
  • Steel press braking

Intech Precision Mechanical can provide press braking machining for most stainless steel products with high hardness, according to product shape requirements. We can process difficult, highly complex parts such as bends, V-grooves, mounts, etc.

Advantages of CNC press braking of Intech Precision Mechanical

All products machined with CNC press braking by Intech Precision Mechanical  are guaranteed:

  • Able to machine metal products that require precision
  • Shortening production time of customers
  • Designing products according to customer requirements
  • Guarantee high quality and accuracy
  • Production cost savings

Intech Precision Mechanical specializes in CNC press braking of product lines according to customer requirements. Besides, we also consult and design product drawings to meet all needs of customers. If you have a need for CNC press braking, please contact:

Intech Precision Mechanical

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