CNC Milling

What is CNC Milling?

  • In essence, the milling process is to remove material from the workpiece through cutting and feed movements.
  • CNC is an acronym for Computer Numerical Control, which can be understood as numerical control with the support of a computer.
  • So, CNC milling is a combination of the two terms above giving us the answer to the question that many people are wondering: What is CNC milling?
  • CNC milling is a machining method by using machines that apply computer numerical control technology to automate the CNC milling process. 
  • CNC milling is a very important machining method in precision mechanical processing, it is widely applied in the manufacturing industries today.

Intech Precision Mechanical, a member of Intech Group, has equipped with modern milling machines and successfully applied CNC milling processing technologies to produce high-precision product details and beautiful aesthetics to meet the increasingly demand.

Importance of CNC milling:


In our country, the precision engineering industry is one of the highly appreciated industries in recent years in the process of industrialization and modernization of the country to integrate with the world economy.

For the precision mechanical machining industry as well as the industries of metal, wood, and plastic, CNC milling is an indispensable step to produce high-precision products with quality guaranteered.

When the market is growing stronger, the business investment in CNC milling machines means that the business is possessing strengths. It is this strength that will support that business to grow more and more highly and to be appreciated by partners and find more sustainable cooperation.

Intech Group is a multidisciplinary corporation in the field of high precision mechanics, industrial automation and technology, so Intech Precision Mechanical is an important and indispensable part to meet customer needs of Intech, is also to reinforce Intech's high-tech products to ensure quality.

What includes in the basic CNC Milling process?


CNC milling of a high-quality product requires going through many different steps and stages, Intech Precision Mechanical only offers the basic steps for those who are new to the mechanical industry;

1. Checking workpieces against drawing and checking machining materials:

Measuring the size of the workpieces compared to the size on the drawing, and checking the machining materials.

2. Rough milling of workpieces:

Based on the exact size of the parts on the drawing and the actual measured size on the workpieces, decide how to rough mill the workpieces.

3. Checking design data ----> Designing model on CAD:

Checking detailed drawings with the contents of size, shape, roughness and processing materials.

4. CAM Programming (Translating CAD files into codes for machining)

CAM is the successor of computer-aided engineering (CAE) and is often used in tandem with computer-aided design (CAD).
Checking the CAM program.

5. Installation of CNC Milling machine:

Checking detailed machining dimensions
Defining 2D and 3D standards.
Checking and reviewing details.

6. Operating CNC Milling machine:

Operating detailed machining machines.
Measuring, evaluating, and checking the dimensions according to the required drawings.


What are the strengths of CNC milling?

  • Product quality achieves high precision.
  • High economic efficiency due to short processing time
  • Able to machine difficult and complex profiles that a conventional universal machine cannot do.
  • High cutting speed: reducing machining time and increasing product quantity.

In addition, CNC milling has many other strengths, but besides that, there are also the following basic disadvantages:
  • The initial investment is very large, and the maintenance and repair costs are also higher.
  • Training operators and changing operators is more difficult because it requires a person with a certain background and takes time to learn and learn.

In order to promote the strengths and limit the weaknesses, Intech Precision Mechanical has equipped with a combination of high quality CNC machining machines such as: CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, CNC wire cutting machines, CNC grinding machine, CNC Laser cutting machine, CNC press brake machine, CNC punching machine, ...;

On the basis that each product is suitable with a specific machine, Intech Precision Mechanical will process on that machine to promote the strengths to make the quality, price, and progress of that product most assured and optimal.


6 basic steps to operate a CNC milling machine?


There are many different types of CNC milling machines and here Intech Precision Mechanical will present the general steps for operating a 3-axis CNC milling machine, which is the most universal type of CNC milling machine in CNC milling;

Step 1: Cleaning the machine and detailed surface.

Step 2: Turning on the device.

Step 3: Selecting the knife to install the necessary cutting tool.

Step 4: Mounting and setting workpiece

Step 5: Adjusting the parameters: Setting the knife, offseting the safety knife.

Step 6: Loading the CNC program into the machine, offseting the tool for machining and running the machine.